The Secret to Passive Income isn’t on Instagram…
It’s on Pinterest.

Why isn’t that happening?! What are you doing wrong???

You thought online business would mean passive income.
Sales would roll in while you were sleeping.

Wanna see how Pinterest is going to liiiterally change your entire business?
You won’t even have to do more work ;)

Are you rolling your eyes yet?

...and way too many more things just to grow an online business.

👉 Have a free opt-in

👉 Blog

👉 Build an email list

👉 Make Graphics

👉 Figure out a Hashtag Strategy

👉 Show up on Stories every day

👉 Make a ton of Reels to grow your IG

👉 You have to post 3-4 times a week

You’ve heard it before…

I’m here to tell you - there’s another (much easier) way!

You know you “have” to be on Instagram to make money in your business, but the amount of work it takes to run a successful IG is slowly killing you - and the idea of adding even ONE more thing to your list is going to send you over a cliff.

Here's the deal

 - and keep your business running
- AND keep your life from falling apart. Heaven forbid you take a weekend off. 

❌ There’s no freakin way you’ve got time to create all of that ❌

My secret?

And the best part:
My clients made over $400k last year. Mic DROP.

✅ Completely selling out program launches

✅ Increasing Instagram engagement by over 350%

✅ Bringing in an easy $1,000 (or more) every month from organic Pinterest traffic

My clients are:

Fast forward to today:

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that kind of result is what will completely change your business.

With some keyword magic, I increased his web traffic by 2,000%.

I was blogging for a real estate agent about local listings.

Flashback to 2008

I’m Shelley - absolutely obsessed with doing less work and getting more results.

With my super simple Pinterest strategies, you’ll be on your way to thousands of website hits, an email list longer than the dictionary, and easy organic sales every single month - and you won’t have any extra work on your plate!

👉 People aren’t searching for answers on Instagram. 
They’re searching for answers on Pinterest.

👉 If you’re only on Instagram, you’re going to miss out on TONS of free traffic to your website, your email list, and your products.

👉 Pinterest is a search engine, and “Pinners” are the kind of people who are ready to buy something to solve their problem.

Really, only two places. Google, and Pinterest.

Where do you go when you’re looking for an answer to a specific question?

Answer me this

I help you stretch your content and show up where people are actually asking the questions.

There’s a sweet spot in between Instagram and Pinterest

We’ll join Tailwind Communities and share your content with relevant audiences

We Pin your educational content to Pinterest - and “pin out” your boards with keyword rich descriptions, relevant pins, and your IG profile.

My team and I write 4 blog posts directly from your content.

You choose 4 pieces of educational content (From your IG, Podcast, or Video content)

The Process for Service Providers

We’ll join Tailwind Communities and share your content with relevant audiences.

Optional: We’ll write “roundup” blogs of your products and share those to Pinterest as well.

We’ll curate “story pins” with relevant products

We upload your catalogue to Pinterest and “pin out” your boards with keyword rich descriptions, relevant pins, and your IG profile. 

The Process for Product Based Businesses

- Jessica K, Multi Business Owner

All of the things I don’t have time for, but I definitely needed.
Hiring her is the BEST decision I have made for my business.

Shelley’s a natural at analyzing social media and creating new content strategies -

- Erin Titensor, Life Coach

She understands content strategy unlike anyone I’ve met – she can really get into the mind of your target audience & create content that they want to see!

Shelley jumps in like the best team member and transforms your systems

- Madi Gibson,
Marketing Manager

She never fails to not only cultivate amazing ideas and campaigns, but also pave the way in which we could achieve them.

When it comes to social media, Shelley is the perfect combination of both creativity and analytical thinking

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get your business on Pinterest now!

Don't waste any more time!

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