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If other people can sell out their offers on Instagram, so you can you.

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👉 What do you post?
👉 Where do you post??
👉 How do you get people to actually buy stuff from you???

But it’s confusing, time consuming, and all around overwhelming. 

So you’ve got a business
and you know you need to be on social media -

You have a marketing budget of at least $600/month

Social media isn’t your zone of genius, but you know it’s important

You’re willing to create some content (as long as it doesn’t take up your whole life)

You don’t have time for social media, and you’re ready to completely pass it off

This is for you if:

Instagram and
Pinterest Management

You have at least 30 minutes a day to spend on your marketing

You could use a pro to provide high-level strategy that can make your social media explode (in a good way)

You kind of know what you’re doing on social media... but...

You’ve been running your business for a little while now

This is for you if:

1:1 Marketing Consultations

You want to have fun on Instagram again!

You want to grow your social media accounts organically

You need someone to tell you what to do - and sometimes how to do it

Your content strategy is nonexistent

You run a small business and want a bigger online presence

This is for you if:

The Instagram Game Plan

Here's how I can help...

- Jessica K, Multi Business Owner

All of the things I don’t have time for, but I definitely needed.
Hiring her is the BEST decision I have made for my business.

Shelley’s a natural at analyzing social media and creating new content strategies -

- Erin Titensor, Life Coach

She understands content strategy unlike anyone I’ve met – she can really get into the mind of your target audience & create content that they want to see!

Shelley jumps in like the best team member and transforms your systems

- Madi Gibson,
Marketing Manager

She never fails to not only cultivate amazing ideas and campaigns, but also pave the way in which we could achieve them.

When it comes to social media, Shelley is the perfect combination of both creativity and analytical thinking

I’ve been in the online marketing game since 2011 - I wrote blogs for a real estate agent and increased his web traffic by 2000% (I was 14).

Since then, I’ve gotten a B.S. in Public Relations and Communications and worked with agencies and small businesses to bring their best ideas to social media.

Big businesses shouldn’t get all the cash flow - I believe that small businesses deserve access to top-notch marketing without breaking the bank.

I’m an Army Wife, a Boy Mom, and a sitcom addict (The Office, Friends, Community, Sienfield, Brooklyn 99, New Girl….I have a problem).

I’m already OBSESSED with your business - let’s see how I can help you master social media!

I’m Shelley, your new marketing consultant!

I'm already obsessed with your business!
Before you scroll any further

Download my Engagement Benchmarks for simple and quick ways to "check the box" on building relationships every day!

Engaging with people online doesn't have to take all day
(and it can be fun, too!).

The best way to grow on Instagram is by building real connections.

Spending less than 30 minutes on growing your following sounds even better!

More followers sounds good...

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